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دعاية رخيصة

قصة لا ليها بداية ولا نهاية

و تفضل البطلة تجري و تجري و فجأة تبص جنبها تلاقي عربية جاية بسرعة و هنا يقوم البطل يطلع من البلاعة و ينقذها من موتة شنيعة رهيبة…

Anonymous asked:
يا موكوسه

ده سؤال؟


I will probably stop posting on this blog for a while..
lack of inspiration and such.. 

If anyone wishes to unfollow, don’t feel shy or rude :) 

10 facts about myself

I figured it would be rude to ignore 3 messages so there you go 

10 facts about myself ( not that you’d ever be interested in reading them).

Also I’m not tagging anyone but if anyone feels the need to tag themselves and accuse me of doing so, then go ahead be my guest :)

1- I like pandas, in fact i wish i was a panda. 

2- I like making promises and keeping them, it feeds my ego… lol

not really it makes me happy when i’ve promised someone something then i keep my promise.

 3- I might look very cold on the outside and very composed and it might seem that i’m in control but i’m not.

4- I don’t like judging people… 

5- writing 10 facts about myself is weird, I hate talking about myself (it’s probably what i’m doing now) + there’s nothing much to say… so i’m just gonna stick to 5 facts.

Have a nice day you people :))